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Learning from Pu Songling 学习蒲松龄 Mo Yan

Learning from Pu Songling 学习蒲松龄

Mo Yan

Published April 1st 2011
302 pages
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 About the Book 

The hometown of Pu Songling, Zibo, is very close to the hometown of Mo Yan, Gaomi. Mo Yan grows up accompanied by the story written by Pu Songling. The fantastic style of Pu Songling exerts great influence on the novel writing of Mo Yan and also affects Mo Yan’s magic style. This book selects over 20 Mo Yan’s ghost stories and legends and some wired and ghost stories about ghost and gods. And the book also has dust-laying new year pictures, which is unique in Gao Mi, bring people a beautiful, mysterious and shocking strong visual impact.蒲松龄的家乡淄博和莫言的家乡高密离得非常近。莫言小时候就是听蒲氏故事长大的。蒲松龄的奇幻风格给莫言的小说写作带来了非常大的影响,也成就了魔幻主义风格的莫言。本书选自莫言二十余篇鬼故事、鬼传奇,和一些奇奇怪怪、神神鬼鬼的鬼小说,内配高密独有的扑灰年画,带给人好看、神奇、震撼的强视觉冲击力。